This guide can help you using tools developed with the Volume Modeler Volmdlr.


In volmdlr, you can create Models as a face contained in a plane, Cylinder (CylindricalFace3D), a Tore (ToroidalFace3D) and more (BSpline, ConicalFace, SphericalFace WIP). Please refers to Primitives in 3D advanced primitives to know how it works.

To show the final result, we use Babylonjs.


A model is set instanciating a VolumeModel:

Prior to that, primitives have to be instanciated. See Primitives.

FreeCAD binding (Optional)

Once a VolumeModel is instanciated, one can call the FreeCADExport method:


‘Sweep’ creates pipes with the following tool :

To understand how Sweep works, see primitives3D-label in 3D advanced primitives.


If you want to create a simple Face3D or more, you can create them thanks to our tools see primitives3D-label in 3D advanced primitives.

>>> You can create a Shell3D :
      import volmdlr as vm
      (create faces with our examples of each Face3D)
      shell = vm.Shell3D([face1, face2, etc..])
      volumodel = vm.VolumeModel([shell])
      volumodel.babylonjs() (to show it in babylonjs interface)

More Tutorials

The scripts folder contains some examples of the capabilities of volmdlr: